Activities in Prague

A trip to Prague can easily involve a combination of subject areas:


Prague is without doubt a city of Music. In no other European city will you find so many daily concerts, venues and such a variety of performances. Many of the most celebrated figures in music history composed, performed and conducted their works here, most famously Mozart’s premiere of Don Giovanni in the Estates Theatre in 1787. (located at the bottom of Wencleslas Square).

Art and Design

In addition to the breathtaking Baroque architecture Prague also has excellent examples of Cubism (eg the House of the Black Madonna) and the glittering Obecni Dum (Municiple House) is one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in Europe. Modern architecure and artists are also represented by, amongst others, the Tanecni Dum (the Dancing Building) and contemporary artist David Cerny whose exhibitions should not be missed.

Humanities – History, Politics, Religion

Prague was at the centre of almost all the key events of 20th century history. In 1939 the country was signed away to Hitler as part of the appeasement policy, in 1948 following the Russian ‘liberation’ after World War 2, the Communist regime was established, in 1968 the Prague Spring saw a mellowing of the regime only to have Moscow invade with tanks and another period of extreme repression. Finally in 1989 the regime crumbled along with the others in the eastern bloc and Vaclav Havel, writer and dissident became the President of Czechoslovakia.

Media/ Film Studies

In recent years many film directors have recognised the potential that Prague offers for film making. In addition to Amadeus made by Czech director Milos Forman in 1987, recent films have used locations in Prague include: