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Public transport

Getting around

One of the most convenient things about Prague is the fact that it’s actually quite a small city. It is easy to get around on foot and should time be short or the weather bad, the public transport system is cheap, reliable and easy to use with trams, buses and the metro all running regularly and on time.

The type of ticket you buy will be determined by the length of time you are here or how often you plan on using public transport.

Estates Theatre
You can use Trams

Public Transport Etiquette

Also important are the seats at the front of the trams and buses which are reserved for elderly or disabled people – these should be kept free unless the tram is particularly crowded and it is logical to use them. If a person needing these seats boards they must be given up immediately.

It is also expected that if an elderly or diabled person gets on and these seats are already taken that a younger and fitter person will stand up and offer their seat.

When on the metro escalators stand to the right hand side to let people in a hurry walk up the left hand side.

Lichtenstein Palace
Information Waiting for people to get off before entering the tram, bus or metro
Not blocking the doorways when people are trying to get on and off
Not eating or drinking or shouting